Discover the Arquebusade Herbal Water made from 75 herbs, because by the experience of the people suffering from rosacea, this herbal extract is able to reduce and could make your skin free of symptoms.
* Using our products individual results may vary!

Natural Remedy for Rosacea

Important information:

The main objective of our site is helping our readers struggling with Rosecea by providing accurate information to them! Therefore you will find comments after some contents or pictures in order to provide accurate customer information and to exclude any possible ambiguity. Explanations are marked with * (star) at the beginning of the sentence.

What is Arquebusade Herbal Water really,
which can provide a solution for your rosacea?

In order to really get to know this special Arquebusade Herbal Water, we need to go back a few hundred years in time! More specifically, into the 1500s when the French King Francis I. commissioned the monks to produce an effective product for the wounds, skin injuries and persisting skin diseases of soldiers fighting in medieval wars.

The monks who lived in monastery of St-Antoine (in Vercors en France) at the beginning prepared this herbal extracts for soldiers for their injuries caused by the fire arm called Arquebusade.

The Arquebusade Water was used for gunshot wounds, burns, infected wounds, and various skin infections.

The Arquebusade Herbal Water of the monks become so effective, that the population of the villages quickly discovered it and started to use it, but not only of the unrivaled effects to the skin.

They named this product for the “Water of Life” and it survived through centuries to the present day!

But how rosacea comes into the picture?

The answer is simple. People mainly buy and use the Arquebusade Herbal Water made from 75 herbs for wounds, skin injuries and persisting skin problem on their face and body.

It turned out that some of the customers had rosacea, and struggled with this skin problem for years. By using the Arquebusade Herbal Water, they discovered that inflammation covering their faces, the pain and itchiness started to reduce. The ugly red symptoms of rosacea have begun fading and in many times disappeared.

Beside this good news we must say, that there were some rosacea patients, where our product did not work. Why do we tell you this? Because we feel it is only fair!

We like to talk about our Arquebusade Herbal Water
in honest and open way.

We know that rosacea is a serious skin disease! It has several types and countless conditions may affect its improvement or worsening, so we cannot say with 100% certainty that we have the Holy Grail!

We tell you everything about our products, because every little detail can be important for you in combating rosacea!

We have nothing to hide, we do not like to make a slip in speaking, and we will not withhold information from people just to sell more Arquebusade Herbal Water.

Of course we are glad if we sell a many bottles, but it is more important for us to be able to help you to get rid of your rosacea. The greatest pleasure for us is the many letters of thanks received from those happy people who already forgot about their rosacea for a lifetime!

Why can the Arquebusade Herbal Water be so effective natural treatment for Rosacea?

We cannot say with 100% certainty why it is efficient and we cannot write a multi-page scientific explanation as to why it is working and what impact the 75 herbs has to rosacea. It simply WORKS and does it in many cases!

But what we know and tell you is the benefits of our herbs! You can draw a conclusion from those benefits, why the herbal water from 75 herbs works so well in cases of rosacea!

The Arquebusade Herbal Water owes its effectiveness to the herbs it is made of. Most of the herbs have strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostatic, wound healing, soothing, skin regenerating and anti-aging effects as well!
* Reference: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs with all their Uses as Remedies for Common Ailments by Andrew Chevallier,, ,

So, the Arquebusade Herbal Water could easily be a good rosacea skin care product for you.



Just imagine how the 75 herbs can help your skin?

Among the 75 herbs, there are 39 kinds of wound healing, 43 kinds of anti-inflammatory, 12 kinds of hemostatic, pain relieving, and anti-aging herbs restoring the beauty of your skin and preserving its health! Many herbs also features multiple affects like: anti-inflammatory and wound-healing, or wound healing and haemostatic. So these number exceeds 75.
* Reference: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs with all their Uses as Remedies for Common Ailments by Andrew Chevallier,, ,

View the 75 herbs together as it is very rare to see anything
like this in a single formulation!






Ingredients INCI

Aqua (Water), Alcool 34° Vol, Salvia Officinalis herba, Symptium Officinalis folium, Symptium Officinalis radix, Artemisia vulgaris folium, Agrimonia Eupatoria folium, Verbena Officinalis folium, Arnica montana flos, Artemisia Absinthum folium, Plantago lanceolata folium, Scrophularia nodosa herba, Fumaria Officinalis herba, Bellis perennis flos, Slachys officinalis folium, Leucontheum Vulgare flos, Foenicula Vulgare sement, Thymus Vulgaris herba, Calendula officinalis flos, Quercus Cortex, Urtica Dioica folium, Equisetum Arvense herba, Ephrasia Officinalis herba, Nigella Sativa sement, Matriarcia Chamomilla, Globularia Punctata herba, Sambuci flos, Alchemilla Vulgaris herba, Echinacea angusti folia radix, Centaurium Oliginusum folium, Sedum Acre herba, Echinacea angusti folia, Rosmarin Officinalis flos, Hypericum Perforatum herba, Veronica Officinalis herba, Angelica Officinalis radix, Hyssopus Officinalis herba, Lavandula Officinalis flos, Achillea Millefolium herba, Mentha Piperita folium, Gallium Verum herba, Filipendula Ulmaria herba, Taraxacum Officinalis radix, Viola Tricolor herba, Epilolium Parvifolium herba, Gallium Odoratum, Viscum Album semen, Juniperus Communis semen, Carthamus Tictorinus, Acorus Calamus, Vaccinium Myrtillus semen, Calluna Vulgaris herba, Malva Sylvestris Mauritania, Potentilla Anserina herba, Synapsis Alba semen, Verbascum Thapsus, Tusilago farfara folium, Lamium album, Rosa Canina, Juglans Regia folium, Melissa Officinalis folium, Citrus Bigaradia, Melilotus Officinalis herba, Chelidonium Majus, Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Eupatorium Cannabium folium, Nasturtium Officinalis radix, Centella asiatica, Sanguisorba minor herba, Stellaria Media herba, Rosa flos, Camomilla Recutica flos, Pimpinella Saxifraga folium, Sanicula Europaea herba, Petasites Officinales herba, Centaura Cyanus folium

Contains linalool: May produce an allergic reaction.


Click here for a complete ingredient list!

Why is the Arquebusade Water from 75 herbs so special?

Firstly because of its complex and often astonishing rapid effects, which occur in minutes or even seconds. You have never seen anything like that before. Have you?

In addition to the composition and the amazing effects of the herbs the unique production makes the Arquebusade Water special and exquisite.

The Arquebusade Herbal Water is not produced on a production line, it is manufactured by hand with the precise administration of several hundreds of pounds of extremely rich herbal plants containing varied agents.

After 3-4 months of work the True Arquebusade Herbal Water is ready. The quality of the herbs we are using, the concentration of the active substances and their place of origin are closely monitored at all times.

All phases of production are supervised personally, and great attention is devoted to every detail.


The True Arquebusade Water is made in Switzerland

True Arquebusade Herbal Water does not contain any chemicals, preservatives,
colouring agents or synthetic essences. It is 100% NATURAL!

What will you feel, when you spray the Arquebusade Herbal Water on your skin and what will happen?

When you spray it to your face, you will feel a very pleasant mystical, cooling herbal scent sensation immediately. Then an invisible, extremely thin layer of film will cover your facial skin and the 75 wonderful herbal oils, dissolved in an aqueous alcohol solution, immediately begin to absorb into your skin starting their blessing work against rosacea.

Itching could disappear in almost no time, the pain subsides and thanks to the anti-inflammatory herbs inflammation could be reducing. The vasoconstrictor, soothing and skin regenerating herbs also start their action in full force!

As you constantly nourish your skin with active substances of the herbs, itching, redness, burning sensation and pain could decrease day by day.
* Despite the fact that the herbal water helped many people suffering from rosacea, but it is possible that your skin problem will be less responsive to the active substances of herbal plants. By using our product results can individually be different.
But the same result as written can also be achieved!


How to use it?

In case of persistent, long time existing skin problems spray the problematic area as many times as you can per day, and then leave the elixir to absorb. If needed gently massage it into the skin.

If you feel improvement in the first few days, continue treatment until the problem substantially reduced or ceased. Often the signs of improvement only start to appear after 14-18 days.
* The days mentioned above for improvement could vary individually.

But it is possible that 2-6 weeks is required to see result. If you haven’t noticed any positive changes within 2-6 weeks, then the herbal extract probably cannot help you.

With normal usage spray the Arquebusade Herbal Water the desired area of skin 5-8 times per day and wait until it is absorbed. If you are sensitive to alcohol use it diluted. If your skin is still sensitive to alcohol, then do not use the product. The product contains linalool which may provoke allergic symptoms.

Medical opinions and experiences written by others are not recommendations for use. Use it otherwise than it is recommended at your own risk only! Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children. EXTERNAL USE ONLY! For detailed instruction of use click here.

The tiny pump bottle seamlessly fits in your handbag. So, you can simply apply it during the day! It does not stain your facial skin, quickly absorbed, so you can treat your problematic skin anywhere anytime, thereby you constantly keep your skin and blood vessels under the effects of the herbs, and you can be free of symptoms sooner!

Maybe the days of your Rosacea are numbered!
*By using our product results can individually be different.

Wise monks who lived hundreds of years ahead of us were familiar with the fascinating power of herbs, for which the soldiers of medieval times always could count on! It is no different today as Arquebusade is ready to help you and show you its strength in your battle against rosacea! Arquebusade is ready to make your face beautiful again, soothe your soul. You shouldn’t hesitate too much on that!
* By using our product results can individually be different.

Try the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs, as a real natural remedy for rosacea!


Arquebusade Herbal Water 1 x 25ml

post € 12


For test

Our mission, which is exactly the same as the monks who lived hundreds of years ago, is based on their knowledge, honesty, diligence and decent work. We ask for an honest price and in return we give you a real treasure.

Arquebusade Herbal Water 1 x 100ml

€ 44 + post € 12


Dermatologists regularly use it and recognize the eff ects of the True Arquebusade Water with 75 herbs with its unique composition. The effects of Arquebusade Water are still loved and admired by people today, as it has been for centuries.

Arquebusade Herbal Water 2 x 100ml

€ 88 + post € 12


The Swiss Heavenly Flowers company is the distributor worldwide of the True Arquebusade Water which is 100% made by hand and uses thousands of years of herbal knowledge with the complete preservation of the ancient distillation process.

Arquebusade Herbal Water 3 x 100ml

€ 132 + post € 16


Our mission, which is exactly the same as the monks who lived hundreds of years ago, is based on their knowledge, honesty, diligence and decent work. We ask for an honest price and in return we give you a real treasure.

This offer is valid only until 31. August 2018!

* These products are not intended to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. Information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. Consult a physician if you seek medical advice or have a medical problem. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or EU competent bodies. When using our products, the individual results may vary. asks you to contact a professional if you have any health problems that persists more than one week share all the information concerning your health and well-being with your doctor, including the use of our supplements and cosmetics. Despite the fact that the herbal extracts helped many people suffering from different skin problems, it is possible that your skin problem will not respond to the active substances of herbal plants, so you will not experience an improvement or only minimal. The experiences described on our website were sent to us by the people suffering from various skin problems, who are now able to leave without symptoms and with healthier skin, thanks to the herbs. We wish you the same and hope that nature’s wonderful herbs can also help you to leave a symptoms free life. Discover the wonderful and inimitable effects of the herbs, their incredible strength, which may also help you to reduce this pervasive skin problem causing much suffering, and let your face regain its beauty as soon as possible!



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